“People Are Strange…”

Nice tune by a great banddoors_electra_publicity_photo

I’m strange, or at least I like strange things. Like riding my bike up steep hills to the summit. (Well, maybe it’s not strange, but it is hard, but fun, too).

The Doors were at times strange, eccentric, and brilliant,  especially Jim Morrison (lead singer).

These guys were definitely strange. Thankfully so.


I loved this show. It was smart, subversive, silly and bizarre. Maybe that’s a bit of a standard definition of shows and things I like; maybe that’s a bit of the things I’m passionate about.


These cats were very strange and maybe the pinnacle of my adolescent journey into comedy. I mean, this stuff is gold! I’m still (finally) getting parts of their jokes and I’ve been watching their shows for going on 35 years.

I guess I’m passionate about things that are clever, or done for clever reasons. That’s why you must read anything written by Terry Southern or watch any movie he wrote.

Fun T. Southern movie line:

“Gentleman, you can’t fight in here. This is the War Room!” (trust me, it’s funnier in context). The same movie has a character named Col. Bat Guano. I mean, c’mon, how can you not love that?

Over and out,

Sr. Gill




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