I’m a Rock star!

Actually, I once was, but on a very local level. Minus the “star” part. And it was ska/pop punk/reggae. (A story for another time).

Accuracy: I’m a @cuerockstar

For the first time in far, far too long of a time, I attended a workshop this summer and it was rad.

Rock star rad.


Not quite like this guy. He’s a real rock star. With a PhD in Astrophysics. (Can you say #lifelonglearner ?)

Going to a workshop this summer was a breath of fresh air. Invigorating, stimulating but, best of all, challenging. I need to step up my game. I fancy myself a teacher who is constantly on the lookout for new, better, innovative. It’s easy to be on the sidelines, prowling the internet for the latest research, lesson idea; “what’s  Twitter got in store right now?” is a great way to get ideas.

But, as wonderful as it must be to go to the Louvre, it’s better to be an artist.

The World of the Real

Some of the most fun I’ve ever had was rehearsing with the two bands I was in after college. Gigs were cool, of course. Live performance – of any kind – has an energy that cannot be replicated, even though there was rampant drunkenness and  fighting. But rehearsal, that was more personal. It’s creative, hard, and fraught with failure and dead ends. But, it’s necessary.

Teaching is very much like that.

My first few years were godawful. Art is like that. Yes, teaching is an art. Some teachers have it right from Day 1. Others, your truly, has ups and downs. But, it’s the rehearsal that’s important. Collaboration, iteration, discussion, practice, research, rehearsal; find mentors; experiment and try things. Evolve.



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