Location – Location – Location MLB Fastball Use 2016

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Below is an Inside Edge graph showing the results of fastballs only in the ‘Ahead Counts’, which includes 3-0, 3-1, 2-0 & 2,1 counts for this year to date.  These counts are when the hitter is the most aggressive and has the highest likelihood of getting a fastball to hit.  When you look closely, there are a lot of very interesting things about this graphic.

For instance, why is it that the highest batting average is not the middle/middle box that we are told to steer away from?  Why is the down/away box 11 points higher than the pitch right down the middle?  And why is the middle/away box 12 points higher than middle/middle?  Then looking middle/down, we notice that the average is the very highest at .384, 24 points higher.  Why are the areas that the ‘Experts’ say are the best locations producing the highest batting averages?  “Keep the…

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