2017 Interest Inventory: The Students pose questions


Inspired by David Theriault – @davidtedu – I started off the  ’16-’17 school year with a series of questions to my classes that would allow me to get to know them. Teachers who invest time to get to know their students better work together with their students to create a better environment in the classroom. 

One of the questions is “If you want, you can ask me a question.” I’ll then choose a handful of those student-generated questions and answer them.

Here’s my responses to the 16-17 classes.

Here’s this year’s edition:

Are you nervous to work with us?

Not at all. I love teaching.

Why did you choose to become an English teacher? (do you teach? what do you get out of it?)

Check out the link to last year’s responses

Will you play me 1 on 1 in a pickup game of basketball?

Only if you want to lose. I got game. I got mad skills.  #who’snext?

Will you play Jonathan in a pick-up game of basketball?
See the above answer

If you had to recommend only one book for a 12th grader to read, what would it be?

Again, check out last year’s post

This is a tough question. It’s like picking your favorite moment from an entire championship season (Warriors, Giants, 49ers): there’s too many great/thrilling moments. Or maybe it’s like picking your favorite Jelly Belly flavor when you absolutely love 15 different flavors (but, make no mistake, there a several Jelly Belly flavors that are hideous). 

In general, some books are just seriously entertaining and some are “deep” and thought provoking. “The Looming Tower” by Lawrence Wright was mesmerizing. (It’s an account of the 9/11 attacks on the Twin Towers and the rise of Al Qaeda). It’s fascinating, frustrating (thanks to the FBI & CIA for not working together) and completely terrifying.

You want good fiction? Try “Beach Music”  by Pat Conroy. He’s a fantastic story teller.

Fairly short post but the ’17-’18 kinda came soft into the paint (meaning = a decent percentage of students didn’t do the Interest Inventory).

Don’t go soft in the paint



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